Carrying out in-depth cooperation in the entire industrial chain  
We have established a cooperation framework for full industrial chain cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, covering oil and gas investment and production, international trade and competitive capacity cooperation, and made unremitting efforts to introduce international partners for domestic oil and gas cooperation. We operate 53 oil and gas cooperation projects in 20 countries along the Belt and Road. In 2018, our equity oil and gas production in the Belt and Road region hit 81.83 million tons, accounting for more than 82% of total overseas production,playing an increasingly important role in building a sustainable international energy system.

The “Belt and Road” area also provides a key market for production capacity building. In 2018, nearly 800 CNPC oil service teams provided engineering and equipment services. Leveraging on state of the art technologies and management advantages, especially the integrated strength of both upstream and downstream, CNPC provided host countries with package solutions.

Since the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative, CNPC has been engaged in in-depth cooperation with financial institutions such as domestic and foreign banks, insurance institutions, AIIB and Silk Road Fund, and contributed to the construction of large cooperation projects through integration of energy with finance. Over the past six years, it has provided investment and financing support for a total of 29 production capacity building projects in 17 countries.
  Promoting infrastructure connectivity  
In recent years, we have devoted unremitting efforts to build a system for oil and gas infrastructure connectivity with countries along the Belt and Road. Overseas, we have built and operated more than 10,000 kilometers of oil and gas pipelines, which can deliver 69 million tons of oil and 75.4 billion cubic meters of gas each year. An oil and gas supply network connecting China and other countries and benefiting many countries has taken shape. Among them, four major oil and gas corridors, namely Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline, Kazakhstan-China Oil Pipeline, Russia-China Oil Pipeline and Myanmar-China Oil and Gas Pipeline, have been put into operation, which promoted the development and export of oil and gas resources as well as economic and social development of host countries.

We have completed a global trading network and global oil and gas operation hubs, and significantly enhanced the regional influence and the power of speech of our three oil and gas operations hubs in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our international oil and gas trade volume has been on a constant rise. In 2018, we reported 480 million tons of international trading volume and US$ 236.7 billion in trade value.
  Winning recognition for environmental protection performance  
CNPC actively responded to China’s initiative of Green Belt and Road, and is one of the first Chinese companies to sign the initiative. We actively fulfilled our environmental responsibilities, made clear HSE commitments, established and implemented the HSE system, timely disclosed our environmental performance, accepted public supervision, and promoted shared development with communities. As a result, CNPC has been widely recognized by the international community, and won more than 30 environmental awards by countries along the Belt and Road.

We attached equal importance to development and protection, and strictly complied with environmental protection laws and regulations of the countries where we operated as well as relevant international codes. The sustainable clean production project we implemented in Kazakhstan and the Al-Ahdab Oilfield project, promoting local economy and development in Iraq were included in the excellent cases of the 2017 Report on the Sustainable Development of Chinese Enterprises Overseas released by the United Nations Development Program. We were invited to the United Nations Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland and some other important events to share and exchange our experience about the project. These efforts have been highly praised by the international community.
  Promoting economic and social development  
We promoted our business development as part of local economic and social development, actively created social and economic value, and joined hands to promote local social prosperity and development. By such means as paying taxes and fees and promoting industrial development, we were actively engaged in local economic and social development. Meanwhile, we paid great attention to the needs of the local government and the community. Through a variety of means, such as donating funds to build school hospitals and building bridges and roads, ports, airports, water supply and power facilities, we helped improve local livelihood and build a harmonious win-win environment with local government for sustainable development.

During cooperation, as part of our localization strategy, CNPC paid great attention to local content, through local procurement and indirect employment opportunities as a way to support the growth of local companies, economies and people’s livelihood. In recent years, we have created 80,000 jobs for host countries, and trained a great number of talents for the sustainable development of petroleum industry of host countries.
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